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Ajwain powder 1

Ajwain powder

HOW TO MAKE AJWAIN DIGESTIVE POWDER As I have written earlier about the advantages of carom seeds (ajwain). Carom seeds are useful in digestion and is helpful in constipation and stomach disorders. Ingredients Required:...

Daal Churma 1

Daal Churma

HOW TO MAKE DAAL CHURMA Daal churma is Rajasthani dish as they prepare dal bati which dough I here made coarse mixture with dough rather of bati. It is prepared with desi ghee which...

Meetha Rot 1

Meetha Rot

HOW TO MAKE MEETHA ROT Ingredients Required: – Flour- 200 gm (1 cup) jaggery- 1/4 cup green cardamon powder- 1/4 tsp water- as required for making hard dough + 1/2 cup oil- 2 tbsp + for frying...

Jeera Rice 1

Jeera Rice

HOW TO MAKE JEERA RICE Ingredients Required: – Basmati Rice-1 cup (soaked in water for 1 hour) Cumin seeds-1 tsp Asafoetida-a pinch Potato-1 small (diced) Bay leaves-3-4 Cloves-4-5 Black ground  pepper-4-5 Salt-as per taste...

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