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Biryani 1


HOW TO MAKE BIRYANI Biryani is basically a shahi dish or say it is made in Lucknow (India). It is made by lots of shahi spices and nuts. Biryani is enhanced form of veg...

Kheer 1


HOW TO MAKE KHEER Rather of all spicy food we can also make some sweet dish in fast like aloo ka halwa, kheer with samak rice which I am sharing here, Bottle gourd halwa can...

Idli 1


HOW TO MAKE IDLI Serving – 4-5 Cookin time – 45 minutes. It is most popular South-Indian dish having less calorie and species. Now-a-days it is popular in many parts. It’s very easy to...

Jeera Rice 1

Jeera Rice

HOW TO MAKE JEERA RICE Ingredients Required: – Basmati Rice-1 cup (soaked in water for 1 hour) Cumin seeds-1 tsp Asafoetida-a pinch Potato-1 small (diced) Bay leaves-3-4 Cloves-4-5 Black ground  pepper-4-5 Salt-as per taste...

Kheer 1


HOW TO MAKE KHEER Kheer is hot milk preparation with rice. Basically it is made with rice but also it can be made with vermicelli. In this kheer which I made with Rice, is...

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