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Fruit Punch 1

Fruit Punch

HOW TO MAKE FRUIT PUNCH Ingredients Required: – Orange – 5-7 wedges Pomegranate – 1/4 cup Sweet lime (mausami) – 5-6 wedges Pineapple – 1-2 wedges (or 1/4 cup juice) Grapes – 5-7 Black...

Water Melon Punch 1

Water Melon Punch

HOW TO MAKE WATER MELON FRUIT PUNCH As in summers lot of water is lost by body due to sweating, to cover it and getting ourselves protected from constipation, WATER MELON is something which...

Mango shake 1

Mango shake

HOW TO MAKE MANGO SHAKE It is a chilled shake which soothes mind and body and also good for  health as having good properties of Natural Fruits but have less as having lots of...

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