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Garlic Chutney

How to make Lahsun ki chutney Garlic – a well-known medicine I should say. Garlic is from Onion Family and it has great medicinal properties. Some of the medicinal properties of Garlic are: – http://www.eatingwell.com/nutrition_health/immunity/health_benefits_of_garlic...

Vegetable Soup 1

Vegetable Soup

HOW TO MAKE VEGETABLE SOUP Vegetable soup is made with different vegetables and is very good for health. Those person who are on dieting can have this soup as because of dieting sometimes it...

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Gobhi korma

HOW TO MAKE GOBHI KORMA According to Wikipedia, Korma is something related to non vegetarian. Korma originated from South Asia or Central Asia which is prepared with yogurt, nuts, cream, e.t.c. . So gobhi...

Palak Paneer 1

Palak Paneer

HOW TO MAKE PALAK PANEER   Ingredients Required: –  Spinach (palak) – 150 gm Cheese (paneer) – 200 gm (cut in cubes)  Onions – 2 medium sized (peeled and chopped roughly) Tomatoes – 2...

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