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Millet flour Pancake with twist 4

Millet flour Pancake with twist

HOW TO MAKE MILLET FLOUR PANCAKE WITH A TWIST HOWDY! I am back… Wishing you all late but a very Happy Merry Christmas… Now, I can ask all of you how was your Christmas...

Lentils with spinach 1

Lentils with spinach

HOW TO MAKE DAAL PALAK (LENTILS WITH SPINACH) Daal palak is a very nutritional dish and tasty to eat. Daal is a staple in most Indian households and pretty much had on a daily basis.  Try...

Bajre ki roti (Millet flour Pancake) 4

Bajre ki roti (Millet flour Pancake)

HOW TO MAKE BAJRE KI ROTI Bajra (or Millet) is a seed and is warm in tendency. It is usually eaten in winters to cope with winters. Bajre ki roti is typical dish and...

Tandoor ki Roti 3

Tandoor ki Roti

HOW TO MAKE TANDOOR KI ROTI WITHOUT TANDOOR It was interesting for me to know that tandoori roti can be cooked without tandoor at home. My mom’s friend told me about it’s recipe and...

Singhare ki Roti 2

Singhare ki Roti

HOW TO MAKE CHAPATTI FOR FAST Today, is the second auspicious day of Navratri and today goddess Brahamcharni is worshiped. So here I am with one more healthy and delicious food for fast which...

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