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sarson ka saag 1

Sarson ka saag

HOW TO MAKE SARSON KA SAAG Sarson ka saag is a typical Punjabi dish and is popular dish in India and too in Punjab region of Pakistan. It is made from green leaves available...

Millet flour Pancake with twist 4

Millet flour Pancake with twist

HOW TO MAKE MILLET FLOUR PANCAKE WITH A TWIST HOWDY! I am back… Wishing you all late but a very Happy Merry Christmas… Now, I can ask all of you how was your Christmas...

Bajre ki roti (Millet flour Pancake) 4

Bajre ki roti (Millet flour Pancake)

HOW TO MAKE BAJRE KI ROTI Bajra (or Millet) is a seed and is warm in tendency. It is usually eaten in winters to cope with winters. Bajre ki roti is typical dish and...

Gajjar ka halwa 1

Gajar ka halwa

How to make Gajar ka halwa It is a calorie laden sweet dish and mostly prepared in winter season. As in India carrots are available in abundant in winter’s or it can be said...

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