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Shahi Tukda 2

Shahi Tukda

HOW TO MAKE SHAHI TUKDA Ingredients Required: – Bread – 2-4 slices Milk – 1 cup Almonds – 8-12 (blanched) Pistachios – 8-12 (blanched) Sugar – 1 cup Saffron – 2-4 strands Water –...

Puffed lotus seeds kheer 1

Puffed lotus seeds kheer

HOW TO MAKE MAKHANE KI KHEER Puffed lotus seeds has no taste of it but when added to any dish it enhances the dish taste. It’s very interesting to know that these seeds gain...

semolina kheer 1

semolina kheer

HOW TO MAKE SEMOLINA (SOOJI) KHEER Semolina kheer is basically a preparation which is given to infants as they are not able to eat. It is a simple and easy dish. So let’s prepare...

Soft Date delight 1

Soft Date delight

How to make Khajur (soft date) delight Ingredients Required: – ·       Arrowroot biscuits – 10-12 ·       Brown chocolate – ½ cup (roughly chopped) ·       White chocolate – ½ cup (roughly chopped) ·       Almonds –...

Kheer 1


HOW TO MAKE KHEER Kheer is hot milk preparation with rice. Basically it is made with rice but also it can be made with vermicelli. In this kheer which I made with Rice, is...

Gajjar ka halwa 1

Gajar ka halwa

How to make Gajar ka halwa It is a calorie laden sweet dish and mostly prepared in winter season. As in India carrots are available in abundant in winter’s or it can be said...

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