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Kheer 1


HOW TO MAKE KHEER Rather of all spicy food we can also make some sweet dish in fast like aloo ka halwa, kheer with samak rice which I am sharing here, Bottle gourd halwa can...

Tikki 1


HOW TO MAKE TIKKI Today I am here with one more delicious recipe for fasting people. I made these tikki’s in my meal and it’s here for you all. So let’s prepare it and...

Samak Rice 1

Samak Rice

HOW TO MAKE RICE FOR FAST Today is another auspicious day of Navratri and today I am going to make Rice in my meal. So sharing with you all the rice recipe. Samak rice...

Tomato chutney 1

Tomato chutney

HOW TO MAKE TOMATO CHUTNEY Today is third sacred day of Navratri and today I am sharing a kind of dip with you all which can be used as a sauce with pakore and...

Singhare ki Roti 2

Singhare ki Roti

HOW TO MAKE CHAPATTI FOR FAST Today, is the second auspicious day of Navratri and today goddess Brahamcharni is worshiped. So here I am with one more healthy and delicious food for fast which...

Water Chestnut flour pakore 3

Water Chestnut flour pakore

HOW TO MAKE SINGHARE KE AATE K PAKORE Navratri , is a festival dedicated to the worship of Hindu deity Durga. In many parts of India from first day of Navratri, durga puja begins...

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