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lahsun ki chutney 0

Garlic Chutney

How to make Lahsun ki chutney Garlic – a well-known medicine I should say. Garlic is from Onion Family and it has great medicinal properties. Some of the medicinal properties of Garlic are: –


HOLI Recipes

Recipes for HOLI Happy Holi… all May God bless all. Play safe and colorful Holi 🙂      

Pan Pizza 0

Pan Pizza

HOW TO MAKE PAN PIZZA Pizza is liked by everyone and especially by kids and youngsters. So I thought of making it at home and with semolina and veggies. Thus, it holds great nutritional...

Gobi Mooli Paratha 0

Veggie Paratha

HOW TO MAKE VEGGIE PARATHA Howdy all! Veggie Paratha is a twist which I done with gobi paratha and mooli paratha. I have here combined the two main ingredients to make a new taste. As you...

Recipes for Diwali 0

Recipes for Diwali

Special Recipes for Diwali With the gleam of Divas and the Echo of the Chants, May the Happiness and Contentment Fill Your Life. Wishing YOU all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. 🙂  ...

Fried Idli with a twist 0

Fried Idli with a twist

HOW TO MAKE FRIED IDLI WITH A TWIST Fried idli as the name depicts itself, a mouth watering food 😉 As we shared our last post regarding fried Idli, it is the same but...

Fried Idli 0

Fried Idli

HOW TO MAKE FRIED IDLI Howdy all! Here we are sharing one more recipe from our favorites – Fried Idli Idli is a traditional food of South India and is basically served with Sambhar...

Bathuye ka Paratha 2

Bathuye ka Paratha

HOW TO MAKE FAT HEN LEAVES FLATBREAD (BATHUYE KA PARATHA) Bathua leaves are very good for health and mainly eaten up in saag, curd or paratha. Bathua has infinite medicinal properties and some are...

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