I am really excited for being nominated for the Liebster Award and also this is the first award from fellow blogger. Thanks a lot chef Divya for nominating me. It really mean a lot to me. 🙂

One day when I was searching for recipe of Dal Makhani I redirected to Divya’s blog and then my search goes on… This blog has different recipes with new taste.

Liebster Award

Rules of this award:-

  • Nominate 5 to 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • Notify your nominees by posting on their blog
  • Answer the same questions that I have answered
  • Create 10 questions to ask your nominees
  • Thank the blogger who presented the award to you and link back to their blog

So, as per rules I have to answer these questions : –

1. What inspired you to write?

  • I must say my loneliness inspired me. As after exams I had off of 2 months So, I get bore. My brother gave me the idea of blogging. He said whatever you like to write you write, whatever which gives you happiness write about it. So, I am here.

2. Your role model in cooking.

  • Obviously, My Nanny and My Mom. These two ladies are god gift of my life who supported me in all my decisions and help me in learning many things about cooking.

3. Any dish or snack which you can eat any time of the day?

  • Rajma and Rice, Dalia, khicdi cooked by my Mom <3

4. Some interesting fact about you.

  • I started cooking at the age of 10 under my Mom guidance and really how bad I cook 😉 I usually make 1 cm thick chapati and also in different shapes. But now my Cooking has improved as my Mom says.
  • I am very foody and all day I just eat something which led to obesity 🙁 So, from a year I am following strict diet plan.

5. Any hobby or passion beside cooking?

  • Time spending with my Mom (my best friend). We both sit for hours talking.
  • Passion behind cooking – nothing. I simply love cooking and found it creative and my best time pass. Whenever I am angry, go to kitchen and cook something and food smells take away my anger 😀

6. Which place you feel relaxed the most?

  • My home

7. Do you plan your day?

  • Not everyday. Sometime’s when it is required so I do. Like in my Exams 😉

8. Your favorite book.

  • I am very lazy … always in a mood of reading novels or some other books but whenever I open the book 😉 I usually sleep.

9. Any song which you can relate to?

  • I have very few friends as I am short tempered 😛 and also I am not in mood of trusting everybody whom I met. So my friends usually sing “yaron dosti badi haseen h”

10. Memorable moment of your life.

  • When I come to know my Mom is my one and only Best Friend 🙂

Liebster Award

My Nominations : –

My set of Questions : –

  • What and Who inspired to write?
  • Blogging for earning or sharing your skills?
  • Your Role model in cooking and in your Life.
  • What interests you beside cooking?
  • Favorite dish cooked by your Mom or your any loved one ?
  • Can you trust anyone whom you met?
  • Memories which you can share with fellow bloggers.
  • Explain yourself and your nature in brief.
  • What you cooked for first time and your Mother appreciated you?
  • How you spend your day like  with gadgets (addictive to gadgets) or something else?
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