Home-made Desi ghee


Desi ghee

Desi ghee enhances the taste of every food be it chapatti, Parantha’s, curries, khicdi and many more. Apart from using it in cooking food, we in our homes use it to light the lamps (diya’s) in Pooja ghar’s for worshipping God. Home made desi ghee is very healthy and used widely in every home. It has some healthy and as well as medicinal benefits. Like in winters, We use it on lips when we get our lips chapped.

When my Mother makes ghee at home I usually go out of the kitchen as I don’t like its smell. I used to say that it has dirty smell  though it was a peculiar type of smell.

For making Ghee at home you have to restore the milk fat of 7-10 days in some container in the fridge. Don’t keep it without refrigeration as it will get spoiled.

To have a good amount of milk fat take full cream milk and boil it. Keep it in the fridge for overnight. In morning you will se thick milk fat on it. Keep it in the container and store it in Fridge.

Let’s prepare it

Ingredients Required: –

  • Milk fat – 7-10 days
  • Water – as required

For this, You will need a thick bottom pan. Secondly a Spatula to stir it.

Procedure: –

  • First of all, take out the milk fat in large utensil and whisk it with hands. (This is the traditional method which I am writing here).

Desi ghee

  • Whisk it well and add water as and when required to make have whisking consistency.

Desi ghee

  • While, whisking you will see the butter has start coming out of the milky water.

Desi ghee

  • Then, in thick bottom utensil or pan, transfer the butter.

Desi ghee

  • Keep it on the medium flame.
  • You will notice the butter has start melting.

Desi ghee

  • Then, within some minutes clear bubbles will start appearing.
  • Heat it more till you see clear ghee on top of it.

Desi ghee

  • You will see some  particles like it get burnt but it will get clarified with strainer.
  • Now strain it in utensil or container and store it.
  • It is ready to be used in the kitchen or in pooja ghar.

Desi ghee


It will yield more ghee then, shown in the picture. To show you all more clearly I have transferred some of the ghee in small utensil.

You can also instead of whisking it, transfer the milk fat in the food processor and process it till you see butter gets separating from it



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