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Hi, everyone

Nan’s Recipe is a website where you will find easy recipes with easy made steps. Each and every effort is made to make cooking of recipes a simplest task. As we all know food cooked with love and from heart make it tasty (as my Mom says) not the spices added in it.

In India, it is also said the magic is in the hands of the cook which makes the food tasty 🙂

Glad to tell you all that now you can like us and like our post on Facebook.
Our team was was working on the page of Nan’s Recipe and now it’s ready…

The motto is to share homemade recipes with you all.

Creative Recipes for you all on the go !

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Here is the link :

Hope you will view it and if any suggestion tell us.



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  1. Tyronne says:

    Wow, yummy! I miss Delhi, have not been there in nearly 3 years. While food is good here in Singapore and there are many “Indian” oiotpns, nothing ever beats the taste of Delhi Khana. Made my stomach growl, looking at the picture!

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