Rather of all spicy food we can also make some sweet dish in fast like aloo ka halwa, kheer with samak rice which I am sharing here, Bottle gourd halwa can also be eaten in fast. Basically samak rice are made for fast purpose only and these rice are gluten free.

So let’s prepare this sweet calorie laden kheer 🙂

Ingredients Required: –

  • Samak rice : 1/4 small cup
  • Milk – 1/2 kg
  • Sugar – 1/2 small cup
  • Almonds – 5-6 (blanched)
  • Cashew nuts – 5-6 (chopped)
  • Saffron – 1-2 strands
  • Green cardamom powder – a pinch

Procedure: –

  • First of all, take deep utensil and pour milk in it and wash rice with plenty of water with help of drainer.
  • Boil it on high flame and then add rice in it.
  • Cook it with continuous stirring on low flame.
  • When milk reduces to little less than half, off the flame.
  • Add sugar, saffron and mix well
  • Add nuts (almonds and cashew nuts) and mix well. keep some for garnishing.

Samak ki kheer

  • Now it’s ready to be served hot.

Samak ki kheer


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