Jave ki kheer


As Vermicelli are long in length, these jave are similar to vermicelli, the only difference is they are short in length. But vermicelli are available in the market in both types.  It is also known as seviyan which is prepared on the eve of ID – in Muslims.

This is a calorie laden dish and in North – India it is prepared on some festivals and too before Raksha Bandhan u can see mothers and grandmothers are preparing jave at home as home made jave are healthy and made with love of mother. As I always say love is the main ingredient in food so make this dish too with lots of love and enjoy… 🙂

So, here is one more recipe from my Kitchen for u all.

Ingredients Required: –

  • Jave – 1 small cup
  • Milk –  3 cup
  • Desi ghee – 1/2 tbsp
  • Sugar – 1 small cup (or as per taste)
  • Almonds – 8 – 10 (blanched )
  • Cashew nuts – 8 – 10 (roughly chopped)

Procedure: –

  • First of all, take deep bottom utensil and boil milk in it on high flame then, keep it on low flame.

Jave ki kheer

  • On the other side, keep kadai and add 1/2 tbsp of desi ghee and roast jave or vermicelli in it.

Jave ki kheer

  • Roast vermicelli till brown but do not over cook them or don’t let them turn black.
  • Take out in plate and keep aside for 5 minutes to cool down
  • In the boiled milk add roasted vermicelli and on low flame cook it with stirring in between say in every 2 minutes so that milk don’t stick at bottom.

Jave ki kheer

  • Cook it till milk reduce to half.

Jave ki kheer

  • Off the flame add sugar and stir. Add nuts and once again stir.
  • Take out in serving bowl and garnish with chopped nuts.

Jave ki kheer

  • It’s ready to be served hot or at room temperature or chilled as per your wish.

Jave ki kheer


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