Poppy seeds Halwa

How to make poppy seeds ka halwa

This calorie laden dish is made with khas khas (poppy seeds) and has great taste. Actually I saw someone making it and want to try it with a little twist to make it tastier.

Ingredients Required: –

·       Poppy seeds – ½ cup (soaked overnight)
·       Almonds – 6-8 (blanched)
·       Cashew nuts – 8-10 (chopped)
·       Raisins – 8-10
·       Milk – 1 cup
·       Clarified butter/Ghee – 4 tbsp
·       Saffron (kesar) – few strands (soak in 2 tsp warm milk/water)
·       Sugar – less than ½ cup (or as per taste)

Procedure: –

·       First of all, make a thick smooth paste of soaked poppy seeds.
·       Now take kadai and heat oil in it, then add poppy seeds paste in it and sauté it till it turns brown and it will turn in granules form.
·        Then, add milk by lowering the flame and cook till it turn in consistency of halwa and then add nuts.
·       Add saffron and again mix.
·       Now the off the flame, add sugar and mix well.
·       It’s ready… to serve and garnish with some nuts.

Notes: –

·       You can add sugar free in case of sugar if you are diabetic or health conscious. It will reduce calorie level of dish.


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