How to make Basundi

Basundi is a very popular Gujarati sweet dish made with milk and lots of dry-fruits. 

Ingredients Required: –

  • Milk – 1 liter (full cream)
  • Almond – 10-12 (chopped)
  • Cashew nuts – 10-12 (chopped)
  • Pistachios – 8-10 (chopped)
  • Saffron – few strands
  • Sugar – 5-6 tbsp (or as per taste)
  • Green cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Nutmeg powder – a pinch
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Procedure: –

  • First of all, take a large thick bottomed utensil and pour milk in it.
  • Boil the milk with continuous stirring on low flame till half and make sure it does not stick to bottom or sides.
  • Once the milk is reduced to half; add few strands of saffron (kesar) in it.
  • Add chopped nuts and cook for 3-4 minutes and then add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder.
  • Keep cooking this on low flame.
  • Now add lemon juice with care in the milk as it provide a grainy texture to milk.
  • Add sugar and turn off the flame.
  • Serve it… hot or cold by garnishing with chopped nuts.



  • Cook the milk till end on low flame.
  • Adding nuts will make the milk thicker.
  • By adding nutmeg and cardamom powder ; enhances the rich flavor.
  • It attains thicker consistency on cooling.
  • Gives a great taste after cooling.


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